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Snowbirds auto carriers faq's

Snow Birds auto carriers Most Asked Questions

Can I pack my car with belongings?

GHub Auto Transport continues to remind customers that their vehicle is not a transport container. In 1998, the Department of Transportation ruled that you may NOT load any personal items in a vehicle that are auto carriers on trucks.
However, we understand Snowbirds prefer to move some household and personal items in their vehicle. If this is the case, all items must be restricted to the trunk compartment of your vehicle and are auto carriers strictly at the owner’s risk. No guns, alcohol, baking supplies such as flower, powders, etc. If your vehicle is going through Customs, it will be x-rayed and if suspicious items are identified, they will be removed. You may not pack over 100 pounds in the vehicle. The trunk is on the rear of the vehicle and when there is too much weight it can cause the vehicle to bottom out when going up the trucks ramps.

How far in advance should I plan my snowbird transport?

Plan enough time for us to pick up your vehicle. 30days in advance is recommended. We can handle urgent situations on an individual basis. GHub Auto Transport can you’re your vehicle priority status. If time sensitive, we can arrange a local pickup and hold until the big truck can pick up the vehicle. Additional fees may apply.

What if the truck can not access my pickup or delivery location?

Most trucks are over 75 feet long and 13.6 feet high, which can make it impossible to reach some residential areas due to narrow roads, trees, power lines, city ordinances, bridges and other road factors. The driver will attempt to get as close as possible to the delivery location, or we will arrange a convenient location, like a shopping center or major street crossing, to pick up or deliver your vehicle. If you require delivery to your door and there are restrictions, a towing company will be hired and you will owe them for that part of the delivery in addition to the shipping provided by GHub Auto Transport.